When paper money was the norm…

There was a time when going cashless seemed impossible. Now, the average Australian makes over 500+ electronic payments every year. In a post-COVID-19 world, going (or staying) cashless seems likely for many restaurants and cafes. And as Australian culture attests, we like to keep ahead of technology and innovation. There are even projections that Australia could become Asia-Pacific’s first cashless society by 2022*.

So perhaps the till will be no more? With easy card tap systems now available in every restaurant, customers are pushing restaurants towards a cashless world. And for restaurants, cutting out cash drops to the bank saves time (and money) through greater transparency, data collection and accuracy. 

So now with a desire to streamline operations front-of-house, perhaps it’s time to consider streamlining the kitchen? Just like cash, paper dockets require organisation, they can also be damaged or lost and provide zero value at the bottom of the bin.

What if there’s a better way? A digital way? 

With SKO’s two-screen system, visibility among staff is greatly enhanced. Dockets are replaced, by, well…. digital dockets! Easier to read, store and action, and best of all, side by side. With this familiar look and feel, both back and front of house can improve speed and efficiency without hours of training. 

Australia has long seen the challenge of paper, moving completely to plastic money in the world first in 1988. We can all agree, nobody has looked back. While these changes can seem ‘big’ at the time, future generations will wonder why we stayed with our existing systems for so long.

Sound futuristic? Remember the first time we used tap-and-go!

*The Global Mobile Payment Methods 2019 report by Commonwealth Bank of Australia